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5 Signs Your Hot Water System Service Needs some TLC

Hot Water System Service

A cold shower is never fun and most would agree your hot water system is one of the most important luxury appliances in the home/ business that you need to maintain and ensure it is in proper working order.

Over time hot water systems can become damaged, unsafe and inefficient and this why maintaining your hot water heater is an important practice to ensure you get the best out of your hot water investment.

These 5 important signs will help to extend the life span of your hot water unit saving you money 

1. Hot Water System Old

Most hot water systems on average have a life span of between 10 – 15 years. If you replace valves and anodes within their schedule maintenance timeframes {valves 3-5 years, anode 5-7 years} you are greatly increasing the life span of that unit. Ive seen hot water systems that have been regularly maintain reach 35 years, which is a great return for investment.

When a hot water system reaches 8-10 years, like most things parts start break down. Sludge and silt that break down will flow into your shower, bath, basin, sink and all appliances.

It is important monitoring your hot water system visually and by sound as ageing occurs.

2. I have a leak

Unfortunately, if your hot water system is leaking it could mean that it’s a sign that it needs to be serviced or replaced urgently.

If leaking water get into the electrical connections, it has the potential to be dangerous/fatal and the hot water unit should be turned off at the switchboard and a plumber called. Leaking water around or in homes can also promote termite activity, leading to expensive repairs.

The pressure relief valve by is name is designed to release pressure from within the tank and you will communing see dripping/leaking water. But if it leaking more than 5-10 litres in a day it may need to be replace and you should call a hot water plumber

3. It’s Not Working

If you are experiencing no hot water, or is taking too long to restore, you may need to consider servicing, replacing, or upgrading your system.

If it is a store hot water systems always check the circuit breaker has not tripped.

If you are still experiencing problems, it is best to call a hot water plumber to pin point issue

4. It’s Making Strange Noises

Hot water systems will typically generate sounds as the water heats, noises such as hissing, popping, banging and cracking should be cautiously monitored and attended to as quickly as possible by a qualified hot water plumber.

Burst or split tanks usually make a hissing sound.

5. My Hot Water Is Discoloured

Brown, red or rusty coloured water coming from your hot water system, is due to corrosion and/or rust inside the storage tank. Your hot water system will corrode over time, but if you replace the anode every 5-7 years and drain the tank this will greatly help reduce this happening

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